Well Launceston City Council is at it again. They're making decisions and keeping the public announcement 'on ice' so as to get the biggest bang for their buck very close to the election.  However, the council operation has within its fleet of trucks one that's likely to spill its load from time to time. To cut a long story short the announcement of the appointment of the new QVMAG's Director now ranks amongst among council worst kept secrets.

LCC News has it on the best possible advice that "Tracy Puklowski [has been appointed] as the new Director of Creative Arts and Cultural Services" and furthermore "Tracy is the current Director of the National Army Museum of New Zealand."

Reportedly Tracy Puklowski has a very strong understanding of modern museum practices through executive level roles in major institutions in New Zealand, which is strengthened by an established Australian and international network. Also, Ms Puklowski has impressive academic and managerial credentials.

LCC News' informant was able to say that currently, Ms Puklowski is a board member of the New Zealand Archives Council (Ministerial appointment), was chair of the International Council of Museums for New Zealand, a Council member of the Federation of International Human Rights Museums, and a board member of the Taupo Tongariro Conservation Board plus a number of other roles.

There is speculative talk of "exciting opportunities ahead" for the City of Launceston and its "cultural institutions". It is anticipated that Ms Puklowski will embrace those opportunities and "help deliver our highly anticipated Cultural Strategy".  

Apparently, Ms Puklowski will take up her new role from October 1, 2018.

With that said, this so-called "new role" seems only to be discussed in the hushed environment of a somewhat obscure inner network of movers and shakers down at Town Hall. If there is a 'strategy' to be implemented it is nothing that is being openly discussed around 'the table' at Town Hall. Apparently, this 'strategy' is also 'frightening the horses' destined to deliver on it.

So, if the 'functionaries' are uneasy, what about the 'conscripted investors'?  Ratepayers and residents are in the process of spending $20Million of borrowed money spent on infrastructure that has little or no prospect of directly generating one dollar. Launceston council's 'cargo cult' seems to have enlisted yet another bunch of 'true believers' who have, seemingly swallowed the line that 'money comes from Mars and falls from heaven in Launceston'.

That said, basically Ms Puklowski's appointment is very good news based on the information that's fallen LCC News' way. Once the anticipated 'cultural strategy' is shared with those who are going to have pay for it there may be reason to go dancing in the street. However, that's something that might have to wait until the polls are declared October 31 or thereabouts. By then, we may well know something of 'the strategy' and who is going to oversea it. We already know who is paying!

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